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November 10, 2014
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November 10, 2014

Returned home to Wales and a new beginning

Fiona was unemployed with no clear direction having returned to Wales from Zimbabwe, where she had lived for 30 years.

Although Fiona had a number of business ideas when she first approached PRIME Cymru for help, she had no real idea of how to turn these ideas into reality.
Fiona was allocated one of PRIME Cymru experienced business mentors who met with Fiona on a regular basis over the next seven months in order to explore and help with her ideas.

After exploring a number of options with her Mentor, Fiona now has her business up and running and says of PRIME Cymru “Thanks to the support and caring guidance of a PRIME Cymru mentor, I have been able to turn a difficult corner in my life, and now have the impetus to start a new business in Llandovery –  The Red Giraffe Studio – Y Stiwdio Jiraffe Coch .  The name encompasses my background – red for my Welsh birth and youth, and the giraffe for my adult years under African skies. The aim of the Red Giraffe Studio is to create an informal, friendly environment in which people can learn new skills using the internet as form of communication.  Apart from providing simple access to the internet, we will run courses to introduce and advance skills in IT to the locals, many of whom believe, mistakenly, that they are too old, or perhaps are too embarrassed, to become net literate. We also intend holding craft and creative workshops.  We are determined to push the “Made in Myddfai” concept to its fullest by offering an outlet for the talented people of this area to promote their craft work and keep these important traditions alive.”

Her internet café and shop The Red Giraffe Studio is a welcome addition to the town of Llandovery and has an eclectic collection of art and craft gifts whilst also offering customers internet access in a friendly, informal environment. www.the

Her Customers can also buy online at

The Red Giraffe Studio is also now working towards engaging the communities of Llandovery and Harare in order to create a mutual partnership. They hope to raise awareness of poverty-related issues and increase awareness of understanding through community and school based events. Currently the Red Giraffe Cafe sells products imported from Zimbabwe to the wider Llandovery community.

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