'Making it Work for the Over 50s'

PRIME Cymru is a registered charity and the only organisation in Wales dedicated to providing practical support for mature individuals, with a focus on those aged over 50, who want to become and remain economically active.

Economic inactivity amongst the over 50s is a critical problem in Wales and unemployment rates are on the rise, leading to a large number of people dependent on benefits. The Coronavirus pandemic has put added pressure on older workers, who are not only more vulnerable to become ill, but are also more likely to be made redundant.

PRIME Cymru is here to help you back into work.

Our team of Development Officers and volunteer mentors provide clients throughout Wales with free, bespoke support towards finding employment, setting up a business or developing their skills through training or volunteering.

Our Story

We were founded in 2001 by HRH The Prince of Wales, in response to the many letters he received from people aged over 50, who felt like they were on the 'scrap heap' - facing overwhelming problems in securing paid employment because of their age.

His Royal Highness said: "I happen to believe that the experience and skills which people build up over a lifetime are an invaluable resource and it is madness for society not to make use of this. PRIME Cymru continues to develop new ideas and approaches to enable older people to become and remain economically active.

"I'm increasingly proud of what my charity PRIME Cymru is managing to achieve."

Our work is important because...

Life expectancy in the UK has been steadily increasing, placing greater strain on the country as more and more people become economically dependent. According to the Office of National Statistics (2018), at birth males can now expect to live to 79.3 and females to 82.9. The Welsh Government (2020) estimates that there are more people aged 65 or over living in Wales (662,000) than children aged 0-15 (564,000).

One suggestion to overcome the challenges associated with ageing populations is to extend the working lives of individuals, hence why the State Pensionable Age is now 66.

However, there are often barriers to continued full-time employment including deteriorating health, care responsibilities and age discrimination. PRIME Cymru can help you explore all of your options - finding a way to meet your individual needs.


Adrian said: "I came to Prime Cymru with a business idea as I didn't know how to make that idea a reality. I had great support and advice from the very start and my business is now up and running with a number of successful contracts already made. I am very grateful to Prime Cymru for everything that they did."