Bringing people back to their Welsh “Routes”
November 10, 2014
Rewired for success
November 10, 2014

Over 50 and flying high

Paul Norwood has established a business selling remote controlled toys which includes Helicopters, Aircraft and Battle Tanks.

Paul asked for the help of one of PRIME Cymru’s experienced mentors to help  him structure his business ideas “The Fly Guy”.


Paul’s mentor, Teg Bevan, helped Paul with his business plan and supported him throughout the process of setting up his business.

All Paul’s machines are of a high specification and good quality and have a reasonably distance range

Paul can give instruction on the set up and use of the equipment. He also has the ability to repair the machines with a range of parts he holds in stock.

The Fly Guy business is quite unique and possibly the only mobile operation in South Wales

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