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PRIME Cymru take a stand against racism in Wales

It’s the sad reality that people in Wales still face racism every day. Race Council Cymru are calling on organisations and individuals to take a stand against racism, with their Zero Racism Wales campaign.

Zero Racism Wales promotes a zero-tolerance approach to racism in Wales. They’re encouraging a more inclusive and equal society, that gives every individual in Wales the right the feel safe, valued and included.

PRIME Cymru has joined Diverse Cymru, The British Army, The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and over a thousand other signees, with a pledge to ‘create, maintain and promote a community in which each person is treated fairly and equally irrespective of race’.

The Welsh Government have also set out their vision for an ‘anti-racist Wales by 2030’. Despite their being an estimated 174,900 people of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds in Wales, Welsh Government believe there are entrenched inequalities within our society.

PRIME Cymru is proud to have made this pledge, and we urge others to adopt the zero-tolerance approach to racism. You can sign your pledge here.

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