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Lifelong skills are used to create successful enterprise

Adrian uses the skills he has gained through his working life to help others

Adrian Herald is passionate about the role of physical education in developing young people to their full potential; as a key building block in preparation for their future, an aid to social development and a means of nurturing and maintaining self-assurance and confidence. He knows this from twenty years’ experience as a high-school teacher and having served with the forces in Northern Ireland and Cyprus.

Adrian wanted to provide a range of adventure style activities for adults of all ages and abilities; however he had limited business skills. He therefore needed rapid advice on developing a business case, internet-based marketing and product range and development. He made a number of attempts to gain support from various agencies, but without success.

Adrian heard about PRIME Cymru on Radio Wales and after contact with us he was placed with a mentor, who was chosen to help based on Adrian’s needs and the mentor’s skills. They worked on Adrian’s business idea for several months until Adrian felt confident about launching his new business,Adrenaline Buzz.

The business has now been awarded contracts from higher education bodies, private companies and from individuals and groups.

Adrian said “I came to PRIME Cymru with a business idea but I didn’t know how to make that idea into a reality. I had great support and advice from the very start and my business is now up and running with a number of successful contracts already completed. I am very grateful to PRIME Cymru for all that they did”.



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