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April 30, 2018
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October 23, 2019

Kevin has now successfully achieved his Health and Safety Training Certification

Kevin was a carpenter in the construction industry all his working career until Rheumatoid Arthritis in his hands prevented him from continuing to work. He was referred to PRIME Cymru Workways+ Powys Project for individual support from his local Development Officer to help him on the road to finding new employment.

As Kevin had no experience with computers his local PRIME Cymru officer began with one to one sessions to help him to use email and embark on online training.

“I never needed to use computers in work before and we got each job by word of mouth and recommendations. Nowadays everything is done on computer and you need to search for jobs online. Even training courses are done online so you really need to be familiar with computers to get work nowadays”

With PRIME Cymru’s support Kevin has now successfully achieved his Health and Safety Training Certification, which will help him towards his goal of finding different work in the construction industry.

“I’m really pleased with the help PRIME Cymru Workways+ Powys Project has given me. I really feel like I’m making progress and things are moving forward at last. It’s so important that support exists for people my age who come from a world where computer skills were never a requirement. And of course the support is free!”

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