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Starting your own business after redundancy

Rowena Lloyd-Thomas has always liked the idea of running her own business.  

As a child growing up in Rhyl, she watched her parents run successful B&B and taxi enterprises, but never knew where to begin when it came to starting out on her own. 

After 20 years working in retail, Rowena was made redundant and was left wondering what to do next in her career. Was it finally time to take the leap into self-employment? 

She’d always enjoyed helping elderly customers and assisted older people at her local gym. They suggested she would be great at offering home support in the community. 

Hoping to make this idea a reality, Rowena was supported by PRIME Cymru to set up The Caring Kind Home Help – offering housework, shopping, errands and companionship services in and around Rhyl. 

Working alongside initiatives like Menter Mon and Community Catalysts, PRIME Cymru Development Officer, Caroline Allen, supported Rowena with securing grants and creating a portfolio. 

Rowena said: “If Caroline hadn’t introduced me to the right people, I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start. 

“I’m not the most confident of people, but Caroline’s support has given me the confidence and know-how to move forward with my business. If I hadn’t met her, I would have just gone back to a retail job.” 

Rowena’s determination to achieve her goal meant she had to push herself out of her comfort zone and overcome barriers such as not having a driving licence. She has now passed her test, grown in confidence and had her first enquiries for home help! 


If you would like support to start your own business, please contact PRIME Cymru on 01550 721813 or email 

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