Mentor of the year – PRIME Cymru awards 2016
August 30, 2016
TESCO Winner of Prime Cymru’s positive about age award
December 19, 2016

Simon finds employment in Powys

Simon had a highly pressurised job in the city for many years until family responsibilities collided with the demands of his job and he resigned. As the years went by Simon lost more and more confidence until he felt that he had no hope in ever finding work again…

Simon was in a lucrative and highly pressured job in Internet Technology, designing websites and running training courses in the city for many years. But caring issues in his family meant constant juggling to manage the demands of his job with his family responsibilities. Finally, one day the stress became too much and he had to leave his job to focus on caring for his very ill family member. After moving to Wales Simon started his own web design business but it wasn’t too long before he realised that he simply wasn’t cut out for running his own company and the business collapsed. As the years went by Simon lost more and more confidence until he felt that he had no hope in ever finding work again. “I was basically terrified, I had no social confidence and was having panic attacks – I couldn’t even do the grocery shopping,” said Simon. “Then my wife heard about PRIME Cymru and suggested that I try contacting them”.

A PRIME Cymru Development Officer met Simon and on their very first meeting Simon began to feel much better about his situation.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that getting on this was a lifeline for me. I felt completely hopeless and was absolutely petrified – even going along to my initial meeting with my Development Officer was a massive ordeal. But after my one to one meeting (which put me at ease straight away) I started the group sessions and realised that I am not unique and I am not alone in my struggles. My confidence has changed and so has my attitude. I’m now on a work placement as a stepping stone to employment and I absolutely love it! It really is great to be back in an office, among people again doing a good, honest day’s work. It’s like you turned on a switch in me and suddenly – I’m back!”

“If you are feeling stuck or lost and not sure how or where to turn to for employment just get in touch with PRIME Cymru. They listen to you as an individual and they have the expertise to help. I’ve had more help from PRIME Cymru in a matter of hours than I have in years from other places!”

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