Retired firefighter finds new career path with help from PRIME Cymru
October 29, 2020
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November 19, 2020

“I was at my lowest point – but then I found PRIME Cymru.”

“In January I was at my lowest point.”

Earlier this year, Marcia Beynon took an early retirement from her career as a nurse, after being diagnosed with a work-limiting health condition.

“My eyesight started to deteriorate about six years ago, but I didn’t tell anyone – not even my family.”

After keeping this secret for so long, Marcia finally had to come clean when she was no longer able to drive.

“The first six months were bad but I’m in a lot better place now than I was. I was at a loss – but then I started flicking through the web and I found PRIME Cymru.”

Through PRIME Cymru, Marcia met Development Officer Debbie Price, who helped her to realise that she didn’t have to give up work completely.

“When I met Debbie she was very supportive and caring and she helped me change my perspective” said Marcia, “and I think I changed her perspective of what a visually impaired person looks like too”.

Marcia has now got a new job caring for dementia patients, which requires many of the skills she has used previously like empathy and end-of-life care, but with less paperwork and no driving.

“If it wasn’t for PRIME Cymru, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to think I can nurse again. I take my hat off to you all.”

With her compassionate nature, Marcia continues to help others wherever she can, recently signing up to volunteer for the Samaritans. Her advice to those who find themselves out of work:

Don’t lose hope. It’s so difficult but most people have everything to give and hope is there – and Debbie gave that to me.”

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