Tim Jones found work he is passionate about after redundancy – you can too!

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Tim Jones found work he is passionate about after redundancy – you can too!

Tim Jones, aged 52, was employed by Wales Council for Voluntary Action for 13 years. He had worked as a support officer, assisting organisations who had been given funding to help Welsh people find employment. Unfortunately, the funding ended, therefore closing the project, resulting in Tim finding himself made redundant.

A WCVA colleague recommended PRIME Cymru to Tim, as after 13 years of employment Tim was in need of some support and guidance in beginning his job search.

PRIME Cymru Development Officer, Caroline Allen, is a regular volunteer at a local Rhyl charity, Brighter Futures, through which she was aware of their vacancy for an administrator. Upon meeting Tim, Caroline could see that he had an abundance of experience in administrative work. She put him in touch with Brighter Futures and Tim secured an interview. Caroline said, “Tim has now been working there for a few months, he has fitted in so well and is really a part of the team!”

Brighter Futures is a charity that provides residents a safe environment, where they can be kept warm, fed, learn, develop skills, and gain a sense of companionship. They also offer residents the opportunity to become involved in local projects and give back to the community. Tim has lived in Rhyl all his life, so he is extremely proud to work for Brighter Futures, and to see the difference they make in the Rhyl area. Tim’s main duties are regarding the financial affairs of the charity, but when he can find the time, he enjoys getting involved in other activities, occasionally he can be found behind the counter on café day!

“Caroline’s support made a big difference for me. She offered me re-assurance during my job search and was eventually the link between contact being established with Brighter Futures. Caroline offered advice, support, and encouragement when I needed it most!”

If you are feeling lost in your job search, reach out to us at PRIME Cymru for free guidance and support. Call us on 01550 721 813 or send us an email to: enquiries@primecymru.co.uk

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