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November 10, 2014
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November 12, 2014

Sue and Jonah convert for an income in retirement

Sue and Jonah MacGill needed help when they decided to convert a stone cottage in to a holiday cottage to give them a retirement income.

Sue and Jonah MacGill came to PRIME Cymru for help when they decided they wanted to extend and convert a stone cottage next to their home, originally dating from the 1700′s, and turn it in to a holiday cottage to give them an income in their retirement.

With help from Carmarthenshire County Council through the Lif (Local Investment Fund) Scheme and coupled with the support received from Wynne Evans, their PRIME Cymru Mentor, they have managed to complete their project and will officially commence business in the Summer 2013.

They have named their cottage Basel Cottage because they have connections to Basel and feel the valley is very like Switzerland and they are looking forward to welcoming their first visitors.

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