Nicola Jones inspired to start her own business by her calming alpacas!

It’s never too late to start a new career!
August 15, 2023
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September 13, 2023

Nicola Jones inspired to start her own business by her calming alpacas!

Nicola Jones, aged 56, found herself looking to make a career change due to the uncertainty of COVID. With a varied career background, having worked as a school teacher, a journalist and a complimentary therapist, Nicola wanted to branch out to something new, whilst making the most of her skillset.

Nicola had a herd of alpaca’s, keeping them as somewhat of a hobby, and through COVID lockdowns she found herself spending more and more time around them, as she found their presence to be very calming. She began to think how lovely it would be to share this with others, whilst also making use of her working background in therapy. Here sparked the idea for Nicola’s business – Pachamama Wellbeing.

With this idea in mind, Nicola needed some guidance on how to get her business started. That’s where PRIME Cymru came in. With guidance from Development Officer, Michael Evans, and from Volunteer Mentor, Julie Goodfellow, Nicola has successfully began her business. Pachamama Wellbeing offers mindfulness sessions surrounded by alpacas. These include shamanic drumming sessions, gong bath sessions and weekly mindfulness courses.

Watch this video to hear all about Nicola’s journey to beginning her business!


Pachamama Wellbeing – PRIME Cymru Success Story

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