Mentor of the year – PRIME Cymru awards 2016
August 30, 2016
Simon finds employment in Powys
November 18, 2016

Lesley finds work at Powys hotel

When Lesley experienced many months of being unemployed she felt very isolated and her confidence reached rock bottom. But with PRIME Cymru’s support Lesley took a work trial at a local hotel and within a week she was offered a job.

Lesley had a career in nursing for 18 years before setting up her own residential accommodation for people with challenging behaviour and learning disabilities, which was very successful. Health issues forced her to cease trading and a series of personal and family crises led to her being out of work for some time.

During long months of being unemployed, Lesley felt isolated and anxious and her confidence reached rock bottom. She had been a very sociable person with a strong work ethic and hated feeling that she had no options and would never return to “real life”.

When Lesley came to PRIME Cymru’s project in Powys she had one-to-one meetings combined with group sessions, which helped increase her confidence. “I think the combination of both one-to-one and group sessions is brilliant”, said Lesley. “It’s great to meet other people in the same situation as you and to see them visibly changing as their confidence increases”.

With PRIME Cymru’s support Lesley took a work trial as a housekeeper at a local hotel. Within a week she was offered a part time job at the hotel, which suits her perfectly. She said: “I didn’t want a big career job with lots of pressure and stress again. I wanted something local that would earn me enough money and make me feel valued and part of a team again. This is ideal for me and I love it!

“If someone was thinking of approaching PRIME Cymru, I’d say go for it! They give a lot of practical and emotional support, help to build your confidence and remind you that life isn’t over just because you reach a certain age – there’s always hope! It’s onwards and upwards for me now!”

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