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Music has always been a huge part of Jay Jones’s life. Growing up, she had many musical influences and enjoyed several different genres. Over the years, she has played drums, guitar, piano and has a wonderful singing voice. 

But music never seemed like a career option for her. As a single mother, she worked jobs that “provided a wage, but not enjoyment”, which she says left her feeling “unfulfilled”. 

Over the last few years, something started to change. Jay began to nurture her creative side, taking courses in media and music technology. During this period, she discovered that she had a talent for making music videos. 

Embracing this new passion, Jay started to make videos that raised awareness of thought-provoking social issues, such as homelessness, missing people and loneliness.  

With some great feedback on her videos, Jay decided now was the perfect time to finally explore the potential for turning her passion into a career. 

Jay said: “Some years ago, I never thought to fulfil that vision from my youth. That it was too late, that it was only for the young and beautiful. Then something happened and I realised that while many people do this when young, I have experiences that may help people.” 

“For me, the music videos are a way of highlighting things in the world but also lead people to my sync licensing business.” 

Sync licensing involves writing music for film and television. With support from Caroline Allen at PRIME Cymru, Jay has been navigating self-employment. 

Jay said: “Caroline has been so supportive and really helped me with the business side of things, which I find more difficult than the creative stuff.” 

“She also helped me secure a grant, without which I wouldn’t have been able to get my laptop fixed or run the website.”  

“I’d really encourage people to seek support – it makes a big difference having someone to believe in you.” 

Check out the Jay D Jones music website, or enjoy some of her music videos at Jay D Jones on Youtube.

If you would like some guidance with turning your hobby into a business, give PRIME Cymru a call on 01550 712813 or email 

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