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September 17, 2020
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October 1, 2020

Jack uses volunteering to build his portfolio

Jack Walters recently moved to Wales from London, where he worked as an actor.

He wanted to become a drama teacher, but that was all put on hold due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Not wanting to sit still for long, Jack approached PRIME Cymru for help to find some volunteering positions.

With the aid of his mentor, Hilary Vaughan, he now has three volunteering roles and has completed his Health and Safety qualification.

He said: “It’s helpful to have somebody to mentor you because you bounce ideas of each other about what you want to do.”

Embracing his passion for film and media, Jack teamed up with his local community transport organisation to create a light-hearted but informative video about wearing masks on public buses. Not only does this help to build his portfolio of work, but it has also provided a great networking opportunity.

He said: “This is my new community, so I’m introducing myself to people as well as getting experience.

“It’s a hell of a good stepping stone because if employers see that people are willing to work for free, then it proves that they’re willing to work.”

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