Sparkling Jewels by the Sea
November 10, 2014
Life changing business idea
November 10, 2014

Creating a new image

Nigel Evans from Bridgend, went from being mostly housebound to building up a successful business.

Nigel was a former sergeant in the police force but a disability meant he had to retire and he became largely housebound.

He had an idea for producing tailor made embroidery logos and emblems and turned to PRIME Cymru for help in turning his idea into reality.

With the help of his PRIME Cymru advisor Nigel was able to consider all the issues involved in business start-up

As well as investing some of his own money he found he could obtain grant aid which enabled him to buy state of the art professional computer controlled sewing machine equipment to cater for the growing demand for bespoke embroidery.

Starting his business “Creative Images” his customers now range from rugby clubs and darts teams to companies and individuals who want their identity, message or logo embroidered on sport and leisure ware.

Nigel’s business is becoming so successful that his daughter may soon be joining him in the company.

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