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November 10, 2014
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November 10, 2014

Crafting a business from Cast Offs

Julia Williams, an ex-teacher from North Wales, has built up a business creating craft items from old fabrics with the help of PRIME Cymru.

Julia says “In an ideal world it was always my dream to pursue my passion for making things.  I became redundant in 2011 and decided this was the right time to start my own business.  Redundancy led me to Careers Wales who in turn pointed me in the direction of PRIME Cymru.  I contacted them and was allocated a mentor.  My mentor offered me invaluable guidance, enabling me to focus on the elements of my business in which I needed most support.”

Julia goes on to say “I am a great believer in research, and have visited many different potential venues to determine where my market lies.  I have also met with other makers in a similar position, exchanging and developing ideas in order to extend my product range thus tapping into a wider sales market and I am currently investigating the possibilities of selling in Europe.”

Julia’s business “Baggy Bottom Craftware” is going from strength to strength and she was so impressed with the help she received from PRIME Cymru she has since trained to become a PRIME Cymru mentor herself.

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